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Pilates Mat Class (Private or Group)

Enjoy a Pilates mat class which uses your own body weight for resistance. This class will help to strengthen the core and will assist in improving overall strength, flexibility, and is an integral part of developing a long and lean Pilates body.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are the fastest way to progress in Pilates! A certified Pilates trainer will work one-on-one with you on the full range of Pilates equipment adjusting the intensity of work to the level appropriate for you.

Special Private Sessions (30 minutes)

Special Private Sessions are available to individuals who, either due to age or special condition, are advised not to workout for a full hour. These sessions are perfect for the older individual or for someone who is recovering from an injury or surgery and has the doctor's permission to begin an exercise program. All exercises are modified to enable productive exercise at any fitness level.

Massage Therapy

Pilates and massage therapy work well together to help stimulate circulation, pumping fresh oxygen and nutrients to muscles, bones, and internal organs. Massage therapy works to help muscles, tendons and ligaments stay flexible and strong, thereby improving balance, alignment and range of motion. Massage is a great benefit to the Pilates client because it elongates tight muscle fibers and "wakes up" the mind/body connection in chronically tight or spasmodic muscles. This allows the body to work in a more uniform, balanced and efficient way.

Types of Massage Therapy we offer:

• Reflexology
• Deep Tissue
• Hot Stone
• Swedish

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